First Russian Payment System
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CONTACT Payment System Rules

These Rules govern the procedure and terms of the functioning of the CONTACT Payment System and interaction among System Participants, and establishes the legal and organizational framework of the System structure, the terms and procedure for joining the System, and the terms and procedure governing the provision and use of CONTACT Services.

The Rules are subject to interpretation in accordance with applicable Russian Federation law. These Rules are binding on all System Participants.

  • CONTACT Payment System Rules
  • Appendix №1 to the CONTACT System Rules
  • Agreement on participation in the CONTACT System
  • Personal Participant office
  • List of service operators within the payment infrastructure of the CONTACT System

    • Operational center – JSCB RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC)
    • Payment clearing center (Clearing center) – JSCB RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC)
    • Central payment-clearing counterparty (CPCC) – JSCB RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC)
    • Settlement centers – JSCB RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC) and JSC VTB Bank

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