First Russian Payment System
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For lending institutions

For banks, participation in the CONTACT money-transfer system is a means of:

  1. Without additional expenditures, offering clients a popular service for the execution of money transfers throughout a vast network of service outlets in Russia, the CIS, the Baltics, and the far abroad.
  2. Expanding their list of retail services by executing payments addressed to legal entities based on the universal CONTACT software complex and earning additional commission fees.
  3. Increasing the number of consumers of other bank services: currency exchange, safe-deposit box rentals, plastic-card acquisitions, etc.
  4. Heightening the prominence of their banks on the international level by cooperating with foreign transfer participants in the CONTACT network.
  5. Increasing the informational ranking of their banks, insofar as information on participating-banks in the CONTACT network (including their particulars, the addresses and telephone numbers of their client-servicing outlets) is constantly featured in information-advertising materials.
  6. Constantly increasing their earnings, irrespective of fluctuations on the financial markets. This is associated with the ever-growing demand for money transfers, low overhead costs and the global growth in migration.


The JSCB RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC) Clearing Center will provide free-of-charge:

  • Original software developed especially for the servicing of money transfers.
  • A universally-integrated platform enabling the rendering of money-transfer services via the CONTACT system within the remote channels of your bank (online banking, terminals, etc.)
  • Technical and informational support that satisfies all security requirements.
  • PR support.
  • Advertising materials, recommendations on the use of signature style.

In order to become a participant, please contact the CONTACT Sales-Channel Management Department at JSCB RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC):
+7(495) 287–1007, 799–5628