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17 March 2017

QIWI Bank registered as an operator of the CONTACT payment system

On March 17, 2017, the Bank of Russia registered QIWI Bank (JSC) as the operator of the CONTACT Payment System in a unified register of payment systems operators. Simultaneously, the Bank of Russia excluded NCO “Rapida” from the list of payment system operators. Both financial institutions are parts of QIWI Group.

07 February 2017

WorldRemit and CONTACT launch instant money transfers to Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

Digital money transfer service WorldRemit is now available in Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan through a new stage of partnership with CONTACT payment system.

26 January 2017

QIWI Bank (JSC) began procedures of Rapida Ltd accession

QIWI Bank (JSC) began the reorganization procedure in the form of accession of Rapida Ltd, also a part of QIWI group. The decision was made due to the optimization processes of companies within the Group.

15 December 2016

WorldRemit expands into Russia

Digital money transfer service now available for Russians living abroad at 5,000+ CONTACT POS locations

13 December 2016

CONTACT system expands the ways of sending remittances to China

CONTACT payment system upgraded the money transfer service in China - customers can now send money to the beneficiaries' accounts, opened in the 42 leading Chinese banks. The maximum amount of transfer was also increased and schedule of fees was optimized.

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