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CONTACT Pyament System launched the project of great rebranding since the last 20 years

24 January 2019

The new identity transmit care about clients and attention to their needs

International Payment System launched the great rebranding since the last 20 years. Besides changes of product placement and marketing strategy we are changed corporate identity fundamentally.

It’s not a secret that money transfer is no longer just about money. Rather, it is now seen as a way of sending love over a distance, supporting relatives, taking care of the family, and being actively involved in the lives of loved ones. Now fast and reliable money transfers are more than it is ans it is way larger than a mere service. The new CONTACT is still the same reliable partner and assistant but it has just become better to help you Be Closer. 

More of that the new CONTACT is not about senders and recipients but about loving relatives. Also it is not about the flow of funds but about the connection between family members.

The previous slogan — Transfer with Confidence! — has been changed to ones that reflect eternal values: CONTACT Be Closer; CONTACT On Your Side; CONTACT Bringing together.

BULVAR Creative Agency was charged with designing a new logo that would instantly evoke the friendliness, reliability and care that CONTACT prioritizes to help families feel closer, even at a distance. 

The simple lines in key visual and laconic functional design also reflect the digital transformation of the payment system. In the current time CONTACT is a part of QIWI Group – one of the biggest IT holdings all around the world.  

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