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CONTACT system expanded the CONTACT Account service in Turkey

06 March 2018

CONTACT payment system provided the opportunity to send money transfers to accounts in US dollar and euro opened in Finansbank and Garanti Bank, as well as in Turkish liras in any bank in Turkey.

CONTACT system’s users are now able to send money transfers to Turkey in a more convenient way. CONTACT Account service ("cash to account" transfers) now allows you to transfer money to the accounts of individuals and legal entities in US dollars and euros opened in Turkish banks Finansbank and Garanti Bank, as well as in national currency in any bank of the country. Information on the exchange rate and the total amount to be credited to the account is available for the sender in real time mode.

For sending transfer to an account in a Turkish bank, the sender must specify the full name of the sender and the recipient, the address and telephone number of the sender, the IBAN of the receiving bank, the name of the legal entity (if the transfer is for the company). Money transfer will be enrolled to an account on the same day, subject to sending to 15:30 GMT + 3, or on the next business day, if sent after 15:30 GMT + 3.

"Nowadays, the CONTACT system is ready to offer all the most demanded formats of money transfers, taking into account the financial peculiarities and preferences of the population in the most of the countries we work. Turkey was one of the first countries to support our CONTACT Account service, and for several years transfers to bank accounts in Turkish banks have become the most popular format for sending money from Russia, - said Elena Gafarova, Vice President of the CONTACT payment system for international development.-  Besides expanding the list of available currencies, we made remittances to Turkey even more convenient. For example, if an error has occurred in the transfer details or the currency, this transfer will be automatically refunded without any deductions from the amount and the commission fee."