First Russian Payment System
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CONTACT payment system established in 1999. QIWI Bank (JSC) is an operator of CONTACT system. 

CONTACT system laid the foundations of the Russian market of remittances and is currently one of its leaders in Russia and CIS countries. CONTACT pool of partners consists of more than 1000 financial institutions in Russia and abroad, which form an extensive network of service points - 500 000+ POS, including payment terminals, in more than 180 countries. CONTACT system also processes payments to the more than 2500 legal entities - commercial banks, trading companies, insurance and travel companies and their agents, Internet service providers, telecom operators, etc.

Annually millions of customers worldwide use the System's services.

CONTACT system is the winner of numerous Russian and international awards in quality and business leadership fields - a three-time winner of the All-Russian contest "Brand № 1 in Russia" in the category "Remittances" in 2011, 2012, 2013; recipient of the National Award for "Customer Rights and Quality of Service 2014"; winner of The Bizz 2013 awards (NY, 2013) as well as Interantional Quality Star (NY, 2013) and International Star for Quality (Geneve, 2012).