First Russian Payment System
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Your actions

  • Drop by a convenient CONTACT Payment System outlet, and choose the country, city and money-transfer payment outlet where the money transfer will be paid out to the receiver, or simply name the country and city (for countries supporting a no-address transfer-issuance format).
  • Tell the operator the full name of the recipient, as indicated in his passport.
  • Present your identification document.
  • Pay the amount of the transfer, plus commission.
  • Notify the receiver of the address of the CONTACT System transfer-payment outlet, as well as the amount and unique number of the money transfer. The money transfer will be paid in full, without any withholding of additional commissions from the receiver.

In accordance with applicable Russian Federation law:

  • Within the territory of the Russian Federation, money transfers by private individuals are not restricted in terms of amount.
  • Foreign currency and RF rubles can be sent beyond Russia to countries of the near and far abroad.
  • Citizens of the Russian Federation can send foreign currency and Russian rubles beyond the RF in the equivalent of no more than USD 5 000 per day. This restriction does not extend to foreign citizens.