First Russian Payment System
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For retail organizations, online shops, delivery companies (Payment collection)

Today, a high percentage of retail chains, including online shops, are offering shoppers their products on deferred-payment or prepayment terms.

CONTACT technology helps to increase business volumes and accelerate the process of shifting from wholesale to retail by using the opportunity to let private individuals make payments in their favor according to a simplified procedure, not entailing the opening of an account, via the well-established network of CONTACT system participants.

The CONTACT network guarantees the speed of money transfers, the timeliness of the provision of information on money transfers executed in favor of the company, a high degree of information-transmission security, the ability to conduct joint advertising campaigns to attract private-individual clients, and the expansion of sales geography.

In order to become a CONTACT system participant, please contact the Product-Line Development Department at JSCB RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC).
Tel.: + 7 (495) 660-8283(84), +7 (495) 981-4255, доб. (364, 361).